Fisher family timeline

1480 A tenant named 'Makester' is living in Eddergoll, immediately to the west of modern-day Acharn
1683-91 List of Possessors and Hearth Tax Rolls include several Easkers (various spellings) in the area of modern-day Acharn
1726 4th Great Grandfather, Alexander Fisher, born - probably in Achianich.
1747 Wife of an Alexander Fisher reports neighbours for practising witchcraft
1757-63 Alexander submits accounts for work as Officer of Taymouth
1759 Alexander marries Isabel McDougall the daughter of an Officer of Taymouth and the grand-daughter of a Baron
1760 Alexander and Isabel's first child born in Croftnamuick
1769 Alexander removed from his office and the country. Isabel gets the tenancy of Alekich.
1769 Survey of Lochtayside
1782 Cathrine Fisher marries William Menzies, Mains of Murthly
1793 Alexander and Isabel purchase James Rutherford to serve in the Breadalbane Fencibles
1795 Alexander cuts down a tree resulting in him and his family being removed from Alekich
1795-9 Donald Fisher makes several appeals to the Earl
1798 Jenner published his paper on vaccination against smallpox
1799 William Menzies and other Murthly tenants appeal for more land
1803 Alexander dies. 3rd Great Grandfather, Patrick, and his family continue at Mains of Murthly
1822 Report on tenants most deserving of premiums
1829 Instructions to Ground Officers by Robert McGillivrie
1830 Robert McLean appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Royal Navy
1831 James Wyllie's report on state of Breadalbane properties
1831 Patrick and his brother Donald die leaving a combined estate with a paper value of £740
1836 Ground officers' report on management and character of tenants - Alexander Fisher is bottom of the Class
abt. 1837 Great great grandfather, Alexander Fisher, and his family leave Mains of Murthly, presumably victims of The 'Breadalbane Clearances'.
abt. 1837 Alexander travels to Canada to try to recover money due to his uncle Donald
1838 Fisher family in Lawers. Alexander the possessor of the Ben Lawers Inn and farm
1841 Fishers in Duallin
1841 John Fisher emigrates from Glenquaich to North Easthope in Canada
1847 Great grandfather, James Fisher, born in Woodend, Glenlyon
1850 Fishers in Culdaremore where they remain for over 100 years
1855 Statutory registration begins which records deaths and cause of death for the first time
1855 Isabella MacDonald emigrates to Tasmania
1875 Margaret Fisher admitted to Perth District Asylum
1879 James Fisher a grocer and wine-merchant marries Maggie McNab
1882 Mary Fisher marries Fortingall school-teacher
1890 Alexander dies leaving Culdaremore to Robert. John takes over on Robert's death in 1922
1899 Aberfeldy Laundry opened by Miss Menzies of Menzies
1901 Peter Fisher becomes Postmaster in Fortingall
1911 James Fisher sells his grocery business and moves out of Dunkeld Street and into Novar
1911 Grandfather, Peter Fisher, marries Maggie McLaren
1918 Peter Fisher takes over as proprietor of Aberfeldy Laundry
1933 James Fisher returns from engineering apprenticeship in Glasgow to assist with the running of the laundry.
1940 Father, James Fisher, marries Elizabeth a MacDonald whose family came from Inverness-shire.
1940 Jim sunk in the Indian Ocean
1942 Lena Fisher enrolls in the Wrens
1954 Fisher family move into Torr Hill
1955 James Fisher appointed Provost of Aberfeldy

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