Two of Alexander and Mary boys were baptised in 1846 and 1847 when they were living at Woodend. Alexander was apparently working for the Chesthill estate a short way up the glen. In 1842 they had been living by Loch Tay and by 1850 the family had moved down the glen to Culdaremore.

woodendWoodend is known as the home of Alexander Stewart, a master shoemaker and respected local historian. His workshop was the building to the left of the house.

I suspect the Fisher family stayed with them as lodgers*. Alexander Stewart and his wife Jean gave their address as Woodend at the baptism of Grace and Alexander in 1843 and 1852 which would support that suggestion. One Stewart record on the internet suggested that they had 3 of their children at Chesthill but that is difficult to unscramble as there were at least 2 Alexander Stewarts in the parish of Fortingall having children at the same time and wives of 2 of them were called Jean Stewart. (The 1851 census noted a 58 year old married master shoemaker at Woodend and a 56 year old married agricultural labourer at Chesthill. Between 1831 and 1852 thirteen children were born to Alexander Stewart / Jean (Stewart). In 1831 a Jean at Chesthill was baptized in September and a Janet at W. Temper in November. The name Alexander Stewart was so common that there was a Mary baptised in Fortingall in June of that year the mother being Christian Robertson. All three 1831 baptisms were recorded on the same piece of paper).

The OS notes the name to be Blackcroft in 1867. Stobie named it Tyne Croit, possibly an anglicised Tigh na Croit, which would be the house on the hummock.

* The 1851 census did show 2 lodgers living with the Stewarts at Woodend. At the 1881 census 3 Stewarts were living there with 2 boarders and a family of 5 McNaughtons