My mother was christened Elizabeth Fraser Macdonald which reflected her Fraser and MacDonald ancestry that lived immediately north and west of Loch Ness.

Most of the MacDonald's which we discuss here came from Glen Urquhart, which runs west from Drumnadrochit. For 200 years they lived close to the village of Balnain immediately to the east of Loch Meiklie. The Frasers mostly came from Glen Convinth which runs from Milton, in Glenurquhart, north towards Beauly. See the modern OS map.

The next valley running west from Loch Ness and south of Urquhart is Glenmoriston where our MacDonald ancestry probably began.

From the south western end of Loch Ness is Glengarry from which the branch of the Clan Donald whose tartan we wear (see right) took its name.

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