Chesthill Estate

Sometime between 1842 and 1846 Alexander left Breadalbane and moved his family to Glenlyon to work on the Chesthill estate. Alexander's sister, Margaret, was already working in Chesthill House as a housekeeper to John Stewart Menzies.

Originally part of the Meggernie estate, to pay off debts, Chesthill was sold in 1784 to Alexander Menzies principal Clerk of Session. Alexander carried out many improvements on the property. His daughter and heiress married Mr Joseph Stewart of Foss and left a family of one son and three daughters. Her son John Stewart Menzies succeeded to Chesthill on his mother's death.

In 1903 the estate was purchased by Sir Donald Currie of Glenlyon House. By 1927 the estate was owned by Major Wiseley.

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