Burnside, whose old name was Black Street, consisted of a row of single-storied thatched cottages (photo) up to 1874/5 when they began to be cleared away and replaced by the current buildings. The last two went in 1896.

A Feuing Plan of Aberfeldy shows the names of those that purchased feus and the buildings in the town at the time it was surveyed (the long rectangular buildings on Burnside were probably the old cottages that were yet to be cleared). Breadalbane started to grant feus in the 1870s and the map was presumably drawn up abt. 1879. It includes a street that was never laid out across Victoria Park and the outline of the road from Taybridge drive to the bottom of Chapel Street across the Alma Bridge that would not be built until 1900.

The valuation roll for 1878-9 shows Miss Margaret McNab as tenant and occupier of a property in Burnside owned by John Cameron, joiner, who lived in the other half of the semi-detached house which he built in 1876-7. The house, then known as Burnside Cottage, is now called Ashville. His workshop was the next building to the north. After getting married to Maggie, the 1879 and 1880 valuation rolls show James as tenant and occupier of the same house. (In 1889, John Cameron built a new house called Burnbank on the site of the black house to the north of his workshop and then moved into it.)

In 1882 James moved his family to Dunkeld Street.

In 1899 Maggie's 80 year old father Alexander and his 27 year old grand-daughter Isabella moved to Burnside renting Willowbank from Marshall Gow, a builder that owned six properties to the north of those owned by John Cameron.

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