The name Balnaglaic is applied to a group of small farm steadings and crofts which were originally one storey high and thatched. They now from part of the village of Balnain, a community to the east of Loch Meikle in Glen Urquhart which includes Balnalurgin. John MacDonald and his brother Duncan were born and worked in this community and it is likely that his ancestors also came from very close by.

The modern community of Balnaglaic contains houses of various ages. This little building is one of the oldest and may date back to the time of John MacDonald who was born in 1795 .

Interestingly Mary Grant the mother of Gregor Grant MacDonald, the husband of Elizabeth Proudfoot from Fortingall, also came from Balnaglaic. His family was from Braefield, a mile west on the north side of the loch.

The 1861 census gives us a feel for this community. It show the Grants on one page and three generations of our MacDonalds on the next page.

Gaelic derivations

The Celtic component 'Bal' indicates an enclosed settlement.

It can be found can be found by searching for it on the modern OS map. The ordnance survey 1st edition 6 inch and 25 inch to the mile maps show the area in 1870.

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