Peter born 1883

My grandfather was one of 10 children more than half of whom died in childhood.Grandparents

As a teenager he worked for his father as a grocer's assistant. By the 1911 census he was the only offspring of James and Maggie still living with his parents in Dunkeld Street. Peter was described as a grocer despite his father having started up the laundry 12 years before. A year later, having moved with his parents to Novar, he married Margaret McLaren a draper's assistant and daughter of Peter McLaren, a house joiner, and his wife Helen.

Peter and Margarets marriage certificate

In his younger days he must have been a bit of a curler. On 29 January 1915 the Dundee Courier reported; 'Curling at Aberfeldy - The Balfour Rose Bowl was played for by points and won by Mr Peter Fisher, Novar with 19 points'.

It had been planned that Peter's older sister Maggie went into the laundry business but she died, age16, of tuberculosis. At age 36, his parents having died, Peter became the proprietor of the Aberfeldy Laundry. He was a quiet man and not well suited to managing a business. Margaret, his wife, was however a very capable lady and with her support they got the business through the twenties until their son Hamish (James), my father, left his engineering apprenticeship in Glasgow and returned to Aberfeldy in 1933. In later life Peter would generally be seen tying parcels of clean laundry while his son Hamish managed the business.

Except for his early years in Dunkeld Street, Peter lived all his life in Novar where he was looked after by his daughter Lena until his death at age 91.

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