Other Fishers

We have established a connection to many of the Fishers that lived in this part of Perthshire but there are some for whom it has not yet been possible although it is very likely that we share a common ancestor.

When Fishers are turned up in the Old Parochial Records other evidence is necessary to identify those that fit into our family tree. We are fortunate to have evidence from various gravestones without which it would not be possible. Statutory records which appear after 1855 contain much more information and can be used to identify both parents and some children.

In our area, OPRs begin to appear in the late 17th century. Before that it would seem to be impossible to link people with Fisher names to our family but there is no doubt that Fishers have been in the area since at least the 15th century.

Our family came from Kenmore and can be dated back reliably to the 1720s. Fishers were very close by in Achianich, Glenquaich and Ardeonaig. Some work has been done to try and link us to these families and what I know is posted here hoping someone will come up with the missing links.