McNab family

The McNabs relevant to our Fisher story were farmers. Their farms, some of which no longer exist, are shown on the plans made by Farquharson in 1769. Some of the links below are to these plans. See also the McNab tree.

In 1879 my great grandfather, James Fisher b.1847, married Maggie McNab b.1848 in Beglarich, Lawers. No such farm is named on any map but Drumglass had a 2 acre infield named Begglarich. Was this adjacent to a part of the farm of Drumglass called Beglarich?

Maggie's grandfather, Finlay McNab, was from Stronfernan next to the modern village of Fearnan. He married Catharine Menzies b.1764 from Point of Lyon, a tiny croft which once lay 5 miles east next to the junction of the rivers Lyon and Tay.

Maggie's father Alexander McNab was born in Laggan midway between the two farms above. This farm once existed on the south side of the Lyon opposite Fortingall below Drummond hill. He married Margaret Walker from Lurgbuie next door to Drumglass.

Maggie's cousin, Janet McNab*, married a Donald Fisher who, according to census records, was born in Calelochan between Acharn and Ardtalnaig. It is likely that he is somewhere in our ancestry but as yet it has not been possible to prove the link. One of Donald Fisher and Janet McNab's ancestors live in Aberfeldy and others have kindly helped me to piece together this story. See Peter Alexander.

In 1881 a Jane Proudfoot was with my great grandfather James in Burnside Aberfeldy at the time of the census. This was almost certainly Maggie's sister Jean that had married Alexander Proudfoot a carrier who also farmed Tynadalloch by Keltneyburn.

*Dates in Janet McNab's old parochial records are rather contradictory. Her death certificate states she was born about 1851 to James McNab and Catherine Crerar but her birth certificate states she was born in 1838. It is possible that this Janet died and James and Catharine used this name again for a subsequent child. The dates of birth of Janet's children have the same 10+ year discrepancy.

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