John MacDonald born 1795

Duncan's son John is the first MacDonald we know much about. There seems to be no OPR for his birth but according to census and family records he was born in Glen Urquhart in 1795 We know from his death certificate that his parents were Duncan MacDonald and Ann Macgregor. His brother and sister's baptisms were recorded:

He married Flora Grant from Balnaglaic on 27 January 1820:

His address was Balnalung. Flora was born in February 1793 (OPR; Florence daughter to James Grant taylor and Isabel Cameron W'. Inchbrine.)

I guess the Balnalung above was Balnalurigan which was right next door to Balnaglaic. Inchbrine was a neighbouring township.

His 1858 death certificate is an interesting document:

Flora's death certificate confirms that her parents were James Grant and Isabella Cameron. Cause of death 'Decay of nature' of several years duration.

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