Grants from Glenurquhart

This family is of interest because they joined my ancestry in 2 different places, 89 years apart.

In 1788 James Grant from Mill of Tore, Balnain married Isabella Cameron from Inchbrine. 2 of their children, Donald and Florence, have baptism records. There is no birth record for Grigor but his 1879 death certificate states that he had the same parents.

  1. In 1820 Florence married my 2nd great grandfather John MacDonald in Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire.
  2. In 1909 James' and Isabella's great grandson, Gregor Grant MacDonald married Elizabeth Proudfoot whose mother was the sister of my great grandmother, Maggie McNab. Elizabeth's family came from Tynadalloch in Keltneyburn, Perthshire. Several members of the Proudfoot family emigrated, one to South Africa and two to Canada.

Despite Ludovick Grant of Grant's instructions to his tenants that they should stay at home and not join the highland army of the '45 rebellion, Alexander Grant of Inchbrine and his brother did join and fight at Culloden - see William Fraser's record of the correspondence (pages 153 and 156). As yet it is not known if they were predecessors of James.