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The earliest record I have of Fishers in Glenquaich is the hearth tax rolls of 1691-2 which recorded Janet McKeaster at Ester Shien and Finlay McKeaster at another address in Glenquaich. These farms lie 5 miles south of known ancestors who were living over the hill, past the shared shielings, in Acharn. They called themselves Easgr and Easker. Because old parochial records peter out at this time we may never know if they were related.

Fishers from West Shian in Glenquaich emigrated to Canada in the 1830s. Alexander is particularly well documented.

Alexander Fisher 1804 - 1884

This Alexander is not a direct descendent but we almost certainly share a common ancestor. He emigrated from Glenquaich to Canada in 1833 so becoming one of the Perth County Pioneers.

On arrival in Canada he remained a time in Esquesing near Toronto. In 1843 he moved to North Easthope where he married Elizabeth McNaughton ( see History of the Pioneers). The first of their 7 children was born in 1846.

The History of Perth County, 1825-1902 by William Johnston, 1903 on Ontario Gen Web has the following entry:

Alexander Fisher, J.P., of North Easthope, was born in Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland, on March 2nd, 1804.

In 1833 he came to Canada, remaining for a time in the township of Esquesing. On removing to North Easthope he settled on lot 32, con. 2, which was his home until his death. He married Elizabeth McNaughton (daughter of Donald McNaughton, also an old pioneer), who still survives.

During the rebellion of 1837 he was enrolled in the regiment of Col. Jarvis, his company being under command of Capt. Brown.

He was one of the first magistrates in Perth County, and during his life-time was a prominent citizen of North Easthope. He took an active part in municipal organization, under the Act of 1850, and was township treasurer for a quarter of a century.

His son, Alexander McNaughton Fisher who became township clerk, held that position for 30 years. He, again, was succeeded by his son in that important office. There is no other case in this county where one family has held the two most responsible offices for so long a period. A faithful and honest discharge of the duties arising in these positions has won for this family a feeling of confidence from those they serve which has been steadily maintained for over half a century.

The History of Perth County 1825-1902 describes the early days of North Easthope and gives more information on Alexander.


This is the obituary of John Fisher, as it appeared in the Stratford Beacon on August 10th, 1877 under "North Easthope - Another Old Pioneer at Rest."

One by one they are passing away - the old settlers of North Easthope.  They came at a time when the primeval forest covered the land where now the yellow corn ripening in the sunshine nods in the gentle breeze of summer.  This week we have to chronicle the death of Mr. John Fisher who, if not one of the first , was among the early settlers of this township.  He died on Tuesday morning 7th at the residence of his son Mr. Alexander Fisher, at the ripe old age of 77 years and after an illness of several weeks.  He settled in North Easthope in the year 1841, having purchased 200 acres of land which are now the property of his son Alexander.  He was the father of six children, four of who survive him - among them being Mr. James Fisher, barrister, Stratford (at present in Britain) and Mr. Alexander Fisher, a councillor of this township.

   The deceased was always an industrious, honest, hardworking man and was beloved and respected by all who knew him, as was clearly evidenced by the large number of people who left their busy harvest fields to accompany his remains to his last resting place.  He was always one of the formost in the question of education and at the time of the formation of a school section in Brocksden cheerfully gave a piece of ground on his farm for the structure of a schoolhouse.  He was buried on the Wednesday in the pretty old churchyard on the hillside - commonly known as Bell's - in the same grave as his beloved wife, who had preceded him thither by some 34 years.  The funeral was the largest ever seen in North Easthope - almost 100 carriages making up the cortege - many of these being from Stratford.


Alexander was the brother of John. Both their baptism addresses were West Shian in Glenquaich from where many were cleared.


Duncan was born to James Fisher and Janet Stewart in Balquiddar and baptised on 10 April 1807. His parents married in Comrie on 28 October 1803.

James was the uncle of Alexander making him the brother of Alexander and John's father. Canadian records state James was born in 1775.


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