Donald MacDonald 1877 - 1952

Donald MacDonald Donald was my maternal grandfather.

Born in Cumbernauld, Donald moved back to Cudrish age 3 with his mother after his sister Elizabeth was born in 1880. He attended the Free Church School, 3 miles north in Foxhole, walking there over the moors. In the winter he was allowed to take the horse which on arrival was sent off to find its own way home.

He later went to the Raining School in Inverness with his brother Fraser. Both of them stayed in digs. Ishbel Kewley remembered her mother recounting the story of having to find new digs for her younger brothers after their landlady refused to allow them to stay on after having a pillow-fight.

For a time his unmarried brother John supported him to attend unversity in Aberdeen but when he died in 1904 his funding dried up.

The 1901 census shows he was in the Royal Burgh of Tain, lodging with a Helen Ross and her 2 nieces. He and Cuthbert Bumby worked as Officers of the Inland Revenue excise dept and a third lodger was an advocate.


Donald moved to Cambuslang as an inland revenue officer and on 19 December 1908 he married Margaret Young, a typist in Blairgowrie. See marriage certificate and the report in the Dundee Courier.

At the 1891 census she was age 5 living in the parish of Kilmallie (in and around the settlement of Caol) at Dalnuaran Villa with her parents, older sister Mary Ann, younger brother James and her 33 year old aunt Margaret Young.

Her father, James Young, died of cirrhosis of the liver age 40 in 1892. He had been a partner in James Young and Sons, saddlers, ironmongers, drapers and licensed-grocers in Fort-William. In Nov 1892 his executors went to court in an attempt to ascertain his interest in the business. The firm was declared bankrupt in August 1895. After the death of her father, Margaret's mother moved to Blairgowrie.

The jacket, waistcoat, kilt and sporran worn by Donald in this wedding photograph remains in my possession.


Five daughters were brought up in Carnavoulin in Rattray across the river from Blairgowrie where he was provost. One of the daughters was my mother Elizabeth born in 1911.

Donald died in 1952 age 74. The death certificate shows that he died from complications of surgery for carcinoma of the oesophagus.

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