Donald MacDonald 1831 - 1915

My great grandfather was baptised on 24 March 1831:Donald MacDonald

Grandpa' Donald's notes recorded his father's travels:

Sporting a large red beard, in later life he was known as 'Donald Ruadh' .

In 1862, before moving south to join the police in Dunbartonshire, Donald married Elizabeth Fraser from Wester Cudrish. In the following eighteen years they had 9 children together.

In 1881, after her last child was born, Elizabeth left her husband to continue in his post as a police constable in Dunbartonshire and set herself up as farmer of 60 acres arable and 40 acres pasture with the help of her children and 1 man, 1 girl and 1 boy. Easter and Wester Cudrish are not distinguished in the 1881 census but the 1891 census shows that she was farming Easter Cudrish with Frasers farming Wester Cudrish where she was born.

The 1891 census shows Elizabeth at Easter Cudrish with her children John, Fraser, Isabella and Donald. 16 year old John McLean and 5 and 1 year old Isabella and Duncan McMillan were boarding with her. With them was also 35 year old farm servant Donald Morrison from Ferintosh, Ross-shire.

By 1901 Donald had returned to Easter Cudrish and was describing himself as farmer and head of household. Elizabeth had re-adopted her MacDonald surname and was described as a farmer's wife. Their daughters Margaret and Elizabeth were with them as was their grandson 3 year old Robert Rae. Two servants also lived there; 50 year old Duncan MacDonald from Glen Urquhart was the ploughman and 24 year old Andrew MacDonald from Glasgow their cattleman.

In 1904 the family moved to the 7 acre croft now called Glentore in Glen Urquhart. Living 300 meters above sea level in a North of Scotland winter must have been very tough and we can imagine he wanted somewhere more gentle to live out his twighlight years.

Before leaving for Glentore, a photographer was engaged to take a picture of Donald and Elizabeth with their surviving children at Cudrish (left to right: Jane, John, Isabella, Fraser, Elizabeth, Donald and Margaret).

Donald lived in Glentore until his death in 1915 from pneumonia. Elizabeth died four years later.

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