Ardeonaig Fishers

Ardeonaig is a small community on the south side of Loch Tay about 10 miles west of Acharn. See 1862 OS map.

The rent roles of 1683 suggest there were no Fishers in Ardeonaig at that time but when John McArthur surveyed the south side of Loch Tay in 1769 there were several. Had they moved west from Acharn or come in from elswhere?

Farms and Possessors in the 'Officiary of Ardeonage' in 1769 (with links to McArthur's plans)

Craggan and Ballinlone Patrick Campbell, Duncan Fisher, Patrick Fisher
Dalcroy, Bellina and Croftdow Archibald Campbell, Duncan Wright, Donald McFarlane, John Thompson, John McNab, Sibbella Campbell
Mains, Claddachnarochach and Orchard Patrick Stewart, John Kennaddy
Belloch and Tombane Archibald Campbell, John Fisher, Donald Sinkler
Braeintrine Patrick Campbell, Arthur McArthur, Donald McDougall, John Crearer
Newtown John Campbell, Donald Fisher
Tomour and Suckoch Donald Campbell
Finglen Duncan Campbell, Patrick Campbell, Donald Campbell, Elizabeth Cameron, Christen Mallich, Andrew Walker
Twenty-Shilling Land John Wilson, John Fisher
Ledchraggan and Margnadallich Elizabeth Walker , Janet McArthur
Croft Dunard Alexander McKeown
Margmore Patrick Campbell
Margbeg Hugh McLellan, Kathrine McKeown, Janet Dewr
Licknie and Aldvine Croft Duncan McArthur, Donald Campbell, Christen Campbell

See also Lairds and Lands of LochtaysideRuins of Finglen

Ruins of Finglen converted to sheep-fold (walls contain gable-ends of houses) with Ben Lawers in the distance.

John Fisher born 1798

John Fisher was born in Finglen and died age 70 in Murgdu, both in Ardeonaig. His death certificate gives us information about his parents wife and son. His family tree shows that his son Donald married Janet McNab: her cousin married my great grand-father. Maybe someone can help me to trace his Fisher ancestry back to a common ancestor of our family.

His father was Duncan Fisher. There are several possible old parochial records of his baptism. In 1798 the last two would have been younger than most fathers at the time.

  1. 25.19.1762 John Fisher and Janet Carmichael Wester Ardeonaig had their lawful son bap. called Duncan
  2. 1.4.1763 John Fisher and Janet Campbell Ester Ardeonaig had their lawful son baptised called Duncan
  3. 12.11.1780 Pat. Fisher and Mary McLaren in Wester Ardeonaig had their lawful son baptised called Duncan
  4. 12.5.1782 Peter Fisher and Mary McDiarmid Finglen had their lawful son bap. called Duncan

His mother, Janet Campbell, was from the parish of Kenmore where five with that name were baptised between 1761-8

John married twice. With Christian McLaren he had two sons who were both baptised in the Parish of Killin. John's death certificate states that he was left a widower by Christian McLaren but we have no date for her death. John moved east to the parish of Kenmore where in 1838 he married Elizabeth McDougall and, according to census records, subsequently had a further six children. None of these children seem to have been baptised and it is interesting to speculate why!

There is some uncertainty about Elizabeth's parents. The marriage record states that Elizabeth was from the parish of Kenmore. Census records show that she was about 11 years younger than him suggesting that she would have been born about 1809. An 1810 Kenmore OPR record states 'Elizabeth, daughter to Dougall MacDougall and Margaret Walker in Wester Tullich, Ardtalnaig was baptised, born 14th'. In 1851 John's father-in-law, who was living with them at Callelochan, was called Donald McDougall but there is no record of a Donald having a daughter Elizabeth baptised about 1809.

The 1841 census shows him and his family at 'Callelichan' which was right next door to all the other Fishers in Acharn. 6 year old John from his first marriage was there but not Janet (she had probably died to be replaced with another Janet in 1850). In 1851 he was at Craggan, Ardeonaig as a labourer and in 1861 he was working as a boatman. His son John by his first wife did not seem to go with him to Craggan.

He died in Ardeonaig.

Donald Fisher born about 1840

John's son Donald was born in Callelochan in the parish of Kenmore but by 1851 the family was back in Craggan in Ardeonaig.

In 1861 he was a shepherd at Kerrumore House, Fortingall. In 1871 he was with the Campbell family in Balnearn Farmhouse on the north side of Loch Tay just west of Fearnan (see 1862 OS map). At the time of his marriage, in 1872, to Janet McNab from Struan another farm a few miles west he was still at Balnearn. By 1881 he was a cattle dealer in Moulin. 10 years later he was in Aberfeldy.

Peter Alexander Fisher born 1887

Peter medicalPeter was Donald's youngest son.

Michael Haigh a keen amateur historian from Aberfeldy who is researching the soldiers of the first world war listed on the Aberfeldy war memorial has alerted me to Peter Alexander Fisher who, in action in France in August 1918, sustained a bullet wound to the lower right thigh which fractured his femur. Peter died of 'tuberculosis chest' in the Canadian Hospital in Basingstoke in April 1919.

A recruitment medical in Nov. 1915 (see right) described him as a painter of indifferent physical development with very poor vision and chronic emphysema due to asthma and bronchitis. The medical officer deemed him unfit for service. One year later, a second medical officer found him to be of good physical development, his vision to be somewhat better and although subject to bronchitis could find no abnormality. It is probable that he had TB at the time of his recruitment! Several of my grandfather's siblings, born a few hundred yards away, died of it around that time.

Peter was born in Chapel Street, Aberfeldy. His father Donald Fisher was a cattle dealer. At the 1901 census Donald was living with the McLeans at Pitilie working as a shepherd and Janet was the head of the family with her children in Chapel Street. When Peter died, both parents were dead and Catherine(43), Archibald(39) and Daniel (34) were living at 39 Chapel Street (see below).


Peter Alexander's brother Daniel had a son Peter who set up a dairy at the bottom of Chapel Street.

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