Achianich Fishers

Achainich is a farm about one mile west of Acharn and is shown on McArthur's plans of 1769. It is one of the farms created by the subdivision of Eddergoll before the 18th century. Fishers that lived there were probably my ancestors.

Having no baptism record, it has not proved possible to identify the parents of Alexander Fisher. By convention Highlanders named their first born son after his grandmother and the first born daughter after her grandmother. Alexander's elder children were John and Cathrine making it likely that their grandparents would also have been called John and Catherine.

In Feb. 1717 a John Fisher married Katrin McDugall*. When living in Achianich, John and Katrin baptised Donald in 1718, Duncan in 1720 and Janet in 1722. Did they have more children after 1722 when recording of baptisms in Kenmore ceased for 6 years and was one of them Alexander?

While it seems quite likely that John was Alexander's father it is more difficult to identify John's parents. Highland tradition would suggest, based on the names of their oldest son and daughter, that their names would be Donald and Janet but there was no couple with these names baptising children in Kenmore at that time. The best fit we have is John Fisher and Joannet Robertson who had their son John baptised in Achianich on 20th June 1693. I have taken the liberty of including them in the Fisher tree.

John and Katrin's grandson Malcolm emigrated to the Indian Lands, Glengarry County, Ontario in 1816. Was this petition to Breadalbane the first expression of his disenchantment with life in Scotland?

(*There is no baptism record for Katrin)

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