Potato starch

On the site of the current Coshieville farm buildings was a Farina potato starch mill (photo). Powered by water from the Keltneyburn it produced potato starch. 

The mill probably ceased working by 1898. When the building became unsafe it was pulled down leaving a small segment of wall and the dwelling to its east.

There was also a potato starch mill further down the valley at Derculich.

Modern processing involves continuous and automatic cleaning of the potatoes, thorough disintegration in raspers or hammer mills, and separation of the fibres from the pulp by centrifugal (rotary) sieves. The resulting starch “milk” contains starch in suspension and soluble potato solids in solution. The starch is separated and washed free from the solubles, the water is removed by centrifugal action, and the damp starch is dried. The process carried out in 19th century Perthshire was presumably very similar

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