McLagan's 1822 report

This report preserved in the Breadalbane Muniments is entitled 'Report of tenants and others on Lord Breadalbane's Perthshire Estate, most deserving of the Premiums allowed by His Lordship for the encouragement of a proper System of management on the Estate'. By Thomas McLagan, Bolfracks, 3 January 1822. (NRS; GD112/14/13/6)

The McLeans of Borlick and Pitilie were perceived to be doing a good job but the tenants of Mains of Murthly, including my Fisher ancestors, are notable by their absence! (John Fisher and Alexander Fisher are probably distant relations but as yet it has not been possible to find a connection to known ancestors.)

It is not clear who Thomas McLagan was but in some of the Breadalbane papers he was described as a surveyor. He was not the factor as he states the factor asked him to write the report. Was he the same Thomas McLagan who is in the report as the tenant of Borlick who was also probably the grandfather of Elizabeth MacDougall who married Peter Fisher? Probably not.

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