Family Trees

It is not possible to generate a single tree which includes all families on one page so it has been necessary to offer links to separate descendant trees.

My Fishers can be traced back to about 1726 when Alexander was born. His grandson, married a McLean and their son, James, married a McNab. My mother's father was a MacDonald, with Grant and Fraser heritage, and my father's mother was a McLaren. MacGregors were cousins of my father. A Proudfoot tree is included because Jean McNab, my great grandmother's sister, married Alexander Proudfoot. whose sister, Isabella, became the mother-in-law of John Fisher of Culdaremore. Interestingly, Elizabeth Proudfoot, a daughter of Alexander and Jean, married Gregor MacDonald whose mother was a Grant and an ancestor of my mother.

Where baptism dates only have been recorded these have been used for birth dates and I have used Christian names recorded on birth registers despite families frequently going on to use alternative spellings.

The Fisher Family tree before the 1720s

The Fisher family tree is almost certainly correct as far back as Alexander born about 1726 at which time there are no available baptism records (see Alexander). After reviewing the Old Parochial Records for Fishers having children around that time (see 1683 -1722 and Achianich Fishers), it would seem probable that Alexander's parents were John and Katrin McDugall. In 1817 a Malcolm Fisher emigrated from Callelochan, by Acharn, to Glengarry in Ontario. His father was Donald Fisher. It is likely he was the eldest son of the same John and Katrin McDugall that was born in Achianich, the farm next door. I have taken the liberty of including them in the Fisher tree aware that, in the absence of other information from gravestone or family bible, this is conjecture based on incomplete evidence .

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