A Family in Breadalbane

Sunset over loch tayAs its name would suggest, this site was set up to document the history of one family that lived in Highland Perthshire. Having largely exhausted available sources this site will now focus on the wider history of the area in which they lived.

My ancestors were first recorded living by Loch Tay in 1486 and they were there until 1795. After a series of removals the family ended up in Aberfeldy where they remained until the late 20th-century.


If you would like to contact me, Alan Fisher, please use this e-mail link. I am delighted that many kind people, by doing so, have helped with my research.


This site is work in progress so is more a notebook than a finished product. It is the creation of an IT amateur so full of imperfections e.g. only the first level of navigation can be seen on tablet computers

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